I am a computational neuroscientist working in the Ion Channels and Disease Lab at the Florey Neuroscience Institutes. These are some of the projects I am currently leading:

  • Development and application of novel methods for handling parametrical complex models. I am applying these methods to a detailed model of the thalamocortical network specifically to understand epileptic seizures. This is being done in collaboration with Prof David Abramson and his team.
  • Development of a phenotypic assay for ion channel modulators. Development of a real time embedded dynamic voltage clamp system to couple simulated conductances with the ion channel of interest expressed in a cell line. This hybrid system simulates a real neuron or cardiac cell and can used to directly determine the effects of modulators on action potential generation. Modulators can be drugs or disease mutations. This work is being done in collaboration with A/Prof Petrou and Prof Stan Skafidas.
  • Models of intestinal motor pattern generation. The intestine has its own nervous system in the gut wall that is responsible for vital motor patterns such as peristalsis and segmentations and for switching between motor patterns at the appropriate time. We are building mathematical and computer models of the nerve circuits of these motor patterns and these have led to several experimentally confirmed predictions.This work is being done in collaboration with Prof Joel Bornstein.
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